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Data brief

General information

RedWAVE - the only system in the world based on patented* technology that implements the so-called “underwater GPS”, following the ideology of satellite navigation systems as closely as possible, it allows an unlimited number of underwater objects, such as divers and various mobile robots (ROV, AUV, etc.) to determine its geographical location and depth in real-time.

RedWAVE is a long-base (LBL, long-baseline) navigation system. The floating navigation base is formed by four small-sized sonobuoys RedBASE; an unlimited number of underwater objects equipped with navigation receivers RedNODE and divers using diving navigators RedNAV can work simultaneously with the support of the base.

* Patents US10989815B2, WO2017044012A1, EP3349040A4, RU2599902C1.

System composition

GNSS-equipped sonobuoy
Navigation receiver
Diver’s navigation received

The minimum composition of the system includes four sonobuoys RedBASE and one receiving device, depending on the user task:

Tasks that the system solves

Distinctive features

Geometric restrictions

In view of the fact that RedWAVE system uses modern technology of digital broadband acoustic communication, the signals emitted by buoys have a significant duration (about 200 milliseconds). The buoy’s signals have time and code division multiplexing, and in view of the finiteness of the speed of sound propagation in water and the period of emission of signals, under certain conditions, the signals can overlap each other at the receiving point. There are also limitations associated with the physical basis of the long navigation base. Therefore, the system has a restriction on the relative position of navigation sonobuoys, and navigation receivers relative to buoys:

Additional information
Video, tracks etc.
RedBASE - GNSS-equipped sonobuoy: Device specification
RedNAV - Diver’s navigation receiver: Device specification
RedNODE - navigation receiver: Device specification
RedWAVE - RedNODE interfacing protocol description
RedWAVE - User’s manual