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WAYU - Underwater tracking system
Data brief

General info

WAYU stands for Where Are You Underwater. The WAYU system is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for the amateur segment. The user places a pinger beacon WAYU Pinger on the positioned object (ROV, AUV, diver, etc.), and on the surface of the reservoir four small navigation buoys WAYU GIB. From this moment on, the absolute geographic position of the underwater object is displayed on the PC screen, where the specialized software WAYU open source is installed. The position of an underwater object can be easily transferred from the WAYU application via a serial port (physical or virtual) to any mapping software that supports work with conventional GPS receivers via the NMEA0183 protocol. Both the pinger and WAYU buoys turn on automatically when they touch the water, do not require any adjustments or calibrations other than charging the built-in power supplies.

System composition

WAYU Pinger WAYU Pinger
Underwater pinger beacon
Navigation buoy
WAYU Radio dongle WAYU Radio dongle
RF dongle

Tasks to be solved

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Geometric limitations

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