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RWLT - Underwater tracking system
Data brief

General information

RWLT system is the easiest to use and at the same time accurate solution for tracking an underwater object. The system does not require any calibrations and integration: it is enough to place an autonomous pinger beacon RWLT Pinger on an underwater object (ROV, AUV, diver, etc.), and four navigation buoys on the water surface RWLT GIB. This configuration allows real-time tracking of the movement of an underwater object in 3D: absolute geographic coordinates + depth. A distinctive feature of the system is the ability to work simultaneously with wireless underwater telephone RedPhone-DX as a pinger, thus combining two-way voice communication and navigation.

System composition

Hydroacoustic navigation buoy
RWLT Pinger RWLT Pinger
Pinger beacon
RWLT RF Dongle RWLT RF Dongle
Digital RF dongle

The minimum composition of the system includes four sonar buoys RWLT GIB and one transmitting device, depending on the user’s task:

To work on a PC, specialized open-source software is installed uTrack, which displays:

Tasks to be solved

Distinctive features

Geometric limitations