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uWAVE underwater communication system
Version history & changes

Version history & changes

0. Changes and versions

Actual FW version uWave [JULY] 1.33 from 12-JUN-2023
Date Firmware version Description
22-NOV-2023 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.34
- BUGFIX: invalid pressure/temperature readings in some rare cases
12-JUN-2023 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.33
+ 634 bps speed mode
- BUGFIX: fixed a bug with packet processing and the absence of a message about unsuccessful transmission in some cases
18-OCT-2022 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.32
- BUGFIX: Fixed a bug due to which the device could not accept for transmission packets larger than 54 bytes
31-JAN-2022 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.31
- BUGFIX: Fixed a bug due to which the message about the delivered package came along with the ACK message to the previous command
- The size of firmware has been reduced by almost 4 times due to extensive refactoring
10-DEC-2021 System: (all, except uWave USBL)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.30
From this version, with the active setting of IsCmdModeByDefault, the CMD wire becomes not an input, but an output. It transmits a digital strobe signal synchronized with the moment of emission and reception.
27-SEP-2021 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.24
- BUG FIX: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to interrupt retry attempts to transmit a packet message
17-SEP-2021 System: (all)
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.23
- BUG FIX: fixed a bug due to which in rare cases the modem could stay in the remote request awaiting mode
30-AUG-2021 System: (all) ,
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.22
- BUG FIX: fixed a bug that could lead to disruption of the interface in the direction from the modem to the user system when working with command requests
08-JUL-2021 System: (all) ,
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.21
- BUG FIX: fixed incorrect operation of the transmitter in the transparent channel mode, which led to the fact that when new data was received via the UART at the time of the end of the transfer, new data could be left untransmitted
+/- Packet mode sentences changed - added a filed for azimuth for uWAVE USBL device
+ Supports range measurement and requests for depth, temperature and supply voltage within the logical addressing of the packet mode
28-JUN-2021 System: (all),
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.20
+ Packet mode no longer needs to be enabled separately (it is always enabled). The modem can receive packet mode messages while in both transparent channel mode and command mode
21-JUN-2021 System: — + Alternative firmwares:
156 bps (System: Easy)
314 bps (System: Lite)
Alternative firmwares tested in real conditions on max. range 500 m
14-MAY-2021 System: STRONG 2.0,
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.10
+ Packet mode (guaranteed delivery, ALO - At-least-once, logical addressing)
- Bug fixed: Tx/Rx channel ID in remote requests
21-DEC-2019 System: STRONG 1.0,
Core: uWAVE [JULY] v1.08
+ Gravity acceleration setting for more precise depth measuring

1. Features and difficult questions

1.1. Switching to command mode and back

Changing the state of the service core has a higher priority in relation to the transmission or reception of data. If the core is not pulled to the ground, on some models of interface converters, noise may be induced on the cable at the time of transmission in transparent channel mode. This causes the modem to switch to command mode during transmission, which can lead to premature completion of data transmission. To exclude this situation, the service core should not be left unconnected.

1.2. Using the same code channel for TX and RX

The use of the same code channel for receiving and transmitting in some small water areas can lead to a situation when working with short code requests, the requesting modem can receive its own request signal reflected from the coast or other objects. This is not a bug or a flaw in the modem, but a consequence of the laws of sound propagation in water. Therefore, it is recommended to use different code channels for transmission and reception.

1.3. Modem returns ‘TX Busy’ error when trying to send something after receiving a message in the packet mode

A modem that receives a message in the packet mode immediately sends the ACK, so its transmitter is busy. The user can use the ‘ACK On TX Finished’ setting. In this case, the modem will inform the user at the end of each transmission. An alternative way to handle this situation is to retry transmission after a time of about 500 ms.

1.4. Code channels settings update should be followed with device restart

If you change these settings just restart (disconnect power supply, wait 1-2 seconds and connect power supply) the device to apply new settings.

2. Known issues

Description Status
Device accepts all hexadecimal values only in upper-case. This affects all packet mode related commands Not fixed